Abandoned Car Pickup

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Abandoned Car Pickup

​Abandoned Car Pickup? Not abandoned for long.
Being local business owners serving locals in Mandurah we understand the area and the people. We know that the locals just like anywhere will be on their way to work or their way to school.

Often at times people might have a tendency to park illegally or in your spot because of laziness or as a result of rushing and not paying attention.

towing service Mandurah

Show them a lesson.
If a car is on your property, in your bay, or parked in an illegal sort of way, then it is only appropriate that they pay. Plus we will have them never do it again after a tow today.

If there’s an abandoned car and needs to be picked up and moved then, we can most certainly sort that out, whether, by accident, intention or unknown, we will look after the issue.

Do you own a rust bucket?
Do you have an old beaten down car on your property taking up valuable real estate space and need it gone? Then contact us and we will come and remove it for you.

We are more than happy to take it off your hands, clear up your space and have ourselves some lovely scrap metal.

Tilt Trays:
Tilt trays are used to move cars with the wire rope to tow the car for any purpose. We also specialize in moving EWP’s and other requirements

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